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Sports are an integral part of life for most people. Youth athletic participation has never been higher, and everything from cricket to tennis to rugby is growing in popularity. However, the thrills and fun sports offer also come at a cost. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, about 30 million children participate in some form of athletic competition each year. Of these child athletes, over 3.5 million injuries are reported each season. Additionally, of child recorded injuries, over 1/3 are related to an athletic engagement.

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Richie Gray - Sports Injury Rehab

(Video - Left)

After being injured in a rugby match, Scotland rugby player Richie Gray spent 6-weeks in rehab at SPACE Clinics. Gray made a brilliant recovery and went on to compete in Australia with the British & Irish Lions at full conditioning.

Gray is presently signed to Stade Toulousain competing at Stade Ernest-Wallon.

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Rugby Related Injuries

Up to 25% of all rugby injuries are head-related, most of which result in concussions or other brain trauma. For youth, 35% of injuries involve a fracture to a bone, of which a majority involve the clavicle (or broken collarbone), due to the excessive force of tackling your opponent.


Physical Therapy for Sports Rehabilitation

Today's advancements in technology have resulted in major breakthroughs for sports injury rehabilitation. The use of soft tissue massage, plyometrics, resistance band training, and nutritional coaching can often lead to full recoveries. Not only does sports therapy and rehabilitation recondition the athlete, but it also conditions them for their sport, and leads to the mitigation and ultimately prevention of further injury.


Rehabilitation Nurses

The role of a rehabilitation nurse is to work with their patients to restore proper functionality of the injured body part, and maintain it's function thereafter. For those who wish to work in a hospital or clinic setting, there are lpn programs online which teach the practice of rehabilitation nursing and care. The difference of a medical assistant vs lpn nurse has to do with the certification, training, and scope of practice. Oftentimes one will become a MA to begin nursing work, then transition to a LPN nurse after some experience and further education. For more advanced aspirations, lpn to bsn bridge programs online offer advancement from sports-related medicine at the clinic level into the cardiac rehabilitation unit at major medical centers. Learn more about this field and the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses Membership at RehabNurse.org